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Patty Reed has been in the business of design for over 40 years. With little more than a $127 loan and plenty of determination, this Portland, Oregon native built the hugely popular fabric, design, and craft company known as Daisy Kingdom, nurturing a loyal following of seamstresses and crafters worldwide as the business grew. Patty sold Daisy Kingdom to textile giant Springs Industries in the mid-90’s, and soon after, started a new venture: Patty Reed & Associates. Still immersed in the world of creativity, her studio not only produces original fabric designs, it now reaches an even wider market with her ever-growing Insta-Totes line of reusable designer totebags. Look for Patty to continue to develop new and exciting products in the years to come.

The Patty Reed Design Studio is nestled on a lush hillside overlooking a sweeping panorama of Portland, Oregon. Here Patty and her talented team of artists and designers develop new ideas for Fabric Traditions, a New York fabric manufacturer that makes Patty’s designs available to home sewers. Patty also licenses her work with Simplicity Pattern Company, which produces top-selling clothing, home decorating, and craft sewing patterns with the Patty Reed logo. Her staff stays particularly busy developing a constant stream of new styles for the popular Insta-Totes line of eco-friendly tote bags. Patty Reed and her creative team strive to provide only the best for her customers!
The talented Patty Reed Design staff includes (left to right):
Laurie Campbell, Lihua Mai, and Siukay Wong

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